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Prime Minister’s Science Prizes 2015

“[The Prime Minister’s Prize for Science] has allowed me to interact at a level of science in Australia that is very important and will lead the way to changes in how we use our science dollars, how we guide our science programs and I think that has been incredibly exciting”

– Prof Ingrid Scheffer, 2014 Prime Minister’s Science Prize Winner

The Prime Minister’s Science Prizes are a time for Australia to embrace and celebrate our science superheroes. From scientists who’ve been examining genetic switches turned on and off as our childhood brains develop, to statisticians crunching the numbers to learn more about cancer or science teachers who get students to measure the impact of a V8 car race on the local environment, Australia is full of amazing science professionals pushing the boundaries of their fields.

The Prime Minister’s Science Prizes for 2015 will be awarded on 21 October 2015, and in preparation for this year’s announcement we highlight stories of past winners, asking them what drives their passions, and how winning such a prestigious prize changes the shape of their work.

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