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A Week In Science – 6 September 2013

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Media coverage of this week’s stories

Ancient Humans Settled Amazon Region Far Earlier Than Once Thought, Trash Heaps Suggest
Article from The Huffington Post

Brain-training video games may help reverse cognitive decline in old age – Article from The Guardian

Study backs circumcision against HIV – Article from Sky News Australia

Infidelity more likely to be forgiven as relationships mature – Article from The Australian

More fresh fruit deters diabetes while juice boosts risk – Article from

Frog Hears With Its Mouth, Surprises Scientists – Article from National Geographic

Academic papers featured

Lombardo, U. et al., Early and middle Holocene hunter-gatherer occupations in Western Amazonia: the hidden shell middens , PLOS ONE; 8(8); 2013

Anguera, J.A. et al., Video game training enhances cognitive control in older adults, Nature; VOL 501.; 2013

Auvert, B. et al., Association of the ANRS-12126 Male Circumcision Project with HIV Levels among Men in a South African Township: Evaluation of Effectiveness using Cross-sectional Survey , PLoS Med ; 10(9); 2013

Schilke, O., Reimann, M. and Cook, K., Effect of relationship experience on trust recovery following a breach, PNAS Early Edition; 2013

Muraki, I. et al., Fruit consumption and risk of type 2 diabetes: results from three prospective longitudinal cohort studies, BMJ; 2013

Boistel, R. et al., How minute sooglossid frogs hear without a middle ear, PNAS Early Edition; 2013

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