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A Week in Science – 4 October 2013

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Media coverage of this week’s stories

Mars may have had super volcanoes similar to Yellowstone – Article from The Guardian

Scientists grow functional tear and saliva glands – Article from AFP

Scientists wary over “Designer Babies” patent – Article from the LA Times

Diesel fumes affect bee’s sense of smell – Article from National Geographic

Mid-aged stress many increase risk of dementia – Article from Huffington Post

Centipede venom may provide a new painkiller – Article from ABC Science

Academic papers featured

Michalski J et al., Supervolcanoes within an ancient volcanic province in Arabia Terra, Mars, Nature; 502; 2013

Hirayama M et al., Functional lacrimal gland regeneration by transplantation of a bioengineered organ germ, Nature Communications; 4; 2013

Ogawa M et al., Functional salivary gland regeneration by transplantation of a bioengineered organ germ, Nature Communications; 4; 2013

Sterckx S et al., “I prefer a child with …”: designer babies, another controversial patent in the arena of direct-to-consumer genomics, Genetics in Medicine; 2013

Girling R et al., Diesel exhaust rapidly degrades floral odours used by honeybees, Scientific Reports; 3 (2779); 2013

Johansson L et al., Common psychosocial stressors in middle-aged women related to longstanding distress and increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease: a 38-year longitudinal population study, BMJ Open; 3; 2013

Yang S et al., Discovery of a selective NaV1.7 inhibitor from centipede venom with analgesic efficacy exceeding morphine in rodent pain models, PNAS; 2013

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