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A Week in Science – 18 October 2013

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Media coverage of this week’s stories

Ouch! Aussie men get the snip in live ‘vasectomy-athon’ – Article from

Restoring the sense of touch in amputees – Article from The Conversation

Rainbow fish can detect predators while still an embryo – Article from The Conversation

Vitamin D pills’ effect on healthy bones queried – Article from BBC News

Musical treadmills reduce exercise fatigue – Article from Pacific Standard

New research shows how ‘Instagramming’ a meal can ruin your appetite – Article from

Academic papers featured

Tabot G et al., Restoring the sense of touch with a prosthetic hand through a brain interface, PNAS Early Edition; 2013

Oulton L, Haviland V & Brown C, Predator recognition in rainbowfish, Melanotaenia duboulayi, embryos, PLOS ONE; 2013

Reid I, Bolland M & Grey A, Effects of vitamin D supplements on bone mineral density: a systematic review and meta-analysis, The Lancet; 2013

Fritz T et al., Musical agency reduces perceived exertion during strenuous physical performance, PNAS Early Edition; 2013

Larson J, Redden J & Elder R, Satiation from sensory simulation: Evaluating foods decreases enjoyment of similar foods , Journal of Consumer Psychology; 2013

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