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Sam Songailo

Sam Songailo

Acrylic and screen print on board. 5.12m x 2.28m x 2.85m

Artist’s Synopsis

This work is an extension of my painting practice. The edge of the canvas is expanded to create an all-encompassing environment. The painting becomes a pattern which is applied to the walls, floor and ceiling. The lighting brings out the fluorescent nature of the ink creating an otherworldly environment to pass through.

Aesthetically the project draws on things I am interested in. Set design and props from science fiction, otherworldly spaces, artificial music, video clips and technology, such as micro chips and circuit boards. These things have been removed from their context, simplified and incorporated into a system that creates a painting. As my practice has grown to encompass the space outside the canvas, this brings the viewer physically into an environment in which they previously had to project themselves. As people pass through this artificial environment they become the protagonists in a science fiction movie or the synth pop star in the computer generated film clip. Like going to a foreign place everything is amazing, sparkly and new for a while. We are on an adventure in an exotic and strange place. Until we become used to it.

Artist’s Biography

Sam Songailo’s practice is based in painting and includes large scale installations and video. He was the recipient of the Adelaide Critics’ Circle Emerging Visual Artist Award (2010). Sam holds a Bachelor of Visual Communication (Graphic Design) from the University of South Australia. He has exhibited extensively in alternative gallery spaces in Adelaide and now bases his practice in Melbourne, Australia.

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