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Kerrie Poliness

Kerrie Poliness

Blue Wall Drawing #1 under construction

Image courtesy Anna Schwartz Gallery

Artist’s Synopsis

The work at RiAus is a prototype for whoosh: a wall drawing inspired by sound, motion, wave dynamics and time; a set of instructions that describes how to construct infinite variations of a geometric free-form (gestural) wave, within a defined framework. Collectively these drawings may be considered a slow-motional-gesture-through-time, ‘whoosh’ an imagined description of the sound that might make.

These instructions enable anyone to make a large, mutable, geometric pattern onto any flat wall surface. They ensure that it is unlikely anyone will produce a visually symmetrical version of the pattern; although that may be possible it is not what is intended, required or desired.

In order to make this drawing people must use their own intuitive senses of rhythm, balance and invention to select locations that develop the shape and character of the drawing. Their input determines the visual dynamics of the work, the level of distortion of the geometric pattern, and creates a geometric-wave with a unique quality. By combining a series of straight lines and people’s decisions each drawing becomes a large unique gesture.

The process of making these drawings describes something about how difference arises during the formation of matter, that difference is inherent to all matter and that all things are constantly in a state of flux. There is no correct or incorrect outcome in terms of the nature of the wave dynamics that are created. Whoosh incorporates the possibility to actively steer and play with the geometry, to invent new ways of randomly forming the dynamics and new ways to help the drawing generate itself.

Artist’s Biography

Melbourne-based artist, Kerrie Poliness has exhibited work extensively since 1987 with works in public collections throughout Australia. Recent exhibitions include Networks Cells and Silos at the Monash University Museum of Art, and Multiple Choice at the Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland. Poliness is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery.

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