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The Science Exchange (55 Exchange Place Adelaide SA)

ECR Network: Towards research independence

The ECR Network program specific for Adelaide professional research scientists returns in 2014. This year we’re opening the eligibility to include not only early career researchers, but also late-stage PhD students and mid-career researchers. Take the next step from being known as a great team member and start being known as ... Continue Reading »

ECR Network: Understanding the political framework for research

The ECR Network program specific for Adelaide professional research scientists returns in 2014. This year we’re opening the eligibility to include not only early career researchers, but also late-stage PhD students and mid-career researchers. This event will take in one of the important but sometimes overlooked parts of advancing a research ... Continue Reading »

ECR Network: ECR Grant Writing Workshop

The ECR Network program specific for Adelaide professional research scientists returns in 2014. This year we’re opening the eligibility to include not only early career researchers, but also late-stage PhD students and mid-career researchers. Tanya Monro (Director of IPAS, University of Adelaide) and colleagues return for this year’s Grant Writing Workshop. ... Continue Reading »

RiAus Members’ Event: In Shackleton’s Footsteps

RiAus Director, Dr Paul Willis, recently travelled to Antarctica with Aurora Expeditions to recount the historic journey of Sir Ernest Shackleton. In this fascinating talk, Paul shares his journey through photographs that show the dramatic landscapes and abundant wildlife that embody the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia.

Watch the recording here:

2014 Science Inspiration: Professor Tanya Monro

Professor Tanya Monro is a literal ‘bright spark’ in Australian science, driving exciting research into photonics - the science of light. As a young teenager, Tanya thought her future would be in music, before being turned onto physics by a high school science teacher. As the 2014 Science Inspiration, Tanya ... Continue Reading »

Bodies on the Line

Concussions, spinal injuries and internal bleeding. During football season, serious sports injuries make front page news on a regular basis as players continually put their bodies on the line. Whether you love rugby, Aussie rules or soccer, there is widespread concern about the injuries sustained in contact sports. How serious are ... Continue Reading »

PDplus: Organ and tissue donation, the gift of life

Organ and tissue donation saves lives. One donor can transform the lives of up to 10 people and significantly improve the lives of many more, and in Australia there are around 1500 people on organ transplant waiting lists at any one time. This free teacher professional learning event on organ and ... Continue Reading »

Would You Drink Recycled Water?

Just a quick flush, and your waste disappears from sight and from mind. So how would feel if that same water re-entered your home, but through your drinking tap? 3 out of 4 Australians say that they would drink purified recycled water, and many people think that it is an integral ... Continue Reading »

Transparent Labs – Open House Adelaide

For opening and tour times see Over the course of a weekend buildings around Adelaide will be opening their doors to give you a glimpse behind the scenes. This is a rare opportunity to set foot in a variety of South Australia’s leading labs. Artlab Australia State Herbarium Fab Lab SA Pathology SA ... Continue Reading »

Insight Radical – A Guided Exhibition Tour

This exclusive opportunity to be guided around Insight Radical pieces by Renee Beale, manager of the public education program for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Free Radical Chemistry & Biotechnology, is not to be missed. Spaces limited. This exhibition is the culmination of a unique project started in ... Continue Reading »

Get Radical!

What do fading paint, heart disease, food spoilage, cancer have in common? Free radicals- very reactive molecules that despite their role in heart attack, stroke and ageing are also essential for our survival. They are one of the great paradoxes of life – what sustains us is also what decays us ... Continue Reading »

Todd’s Adelaide

Sir Charles Todd's impact on colonial science and technology was remarkable. Using an app on your smart mobile device, discover how his work relates to our lives today through an interactive location-based adventure played on the streets of Adelaide. We begin with a talk, followed by a walk and close ... Continue Reading »

Bragg Walking Tour

The lives of Sir William Henry Bragg and his son, Sir William Lawrence Bragg, will be revealed through a guided walking tour. Hear what life would have been like when these famous men lived and worked in Adelaide. The Braggs are two of Australia’s most important scientists, with their discoveries being ... Continue Reading »

Book Club – Toxin Toxout

Synthetic chemicals surround us – in our toothpaste, on our frying pans, in our cars, in house dust. Authors Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith show that there’s mounting scientific evidence linking some of these chemicals to serious human diseases. So how do we keep safe? Does the multibillion-dollar detox industry have the ... Continue Reading »

Book Club – Stumbling on Happiness

Winning lotto. Summer. Green at every traffic light. What makes you happy? The drive for happiness is one of the most instinctive and fundamental human impulses but do we actually have the first idea of how to achieve it, maintain it, or even, for that matter, what it is? In ... Continue Reading »

Science Behind the Headlines: Debunking the Detox

Miracle pills, celebrity secrets, detox, raw foods, juice, soup, fasting… Diet and health advice infiltrate our everyday lives, and we often get caught up in the latest miracle fads. We’ll look at dieting in the media and the sometimes blurred line between real lifestyle guidance and potentially harmful fad propaganda. Our panel ... Continue Reading »

Serene Universe

FREE film screening- no booking required Rated G SPECIAL ADDITION: Thursday’s screening (20 Feb) will be introduced by Maarten Roos, Serene Universe Film maker and Planetary Scientist. Do you look up on a clear night in wonder at the stars deep in the Universe? They provoke inspiration and awe, moments of calm, quiet, ... Continue Reading »

Late Night Letters and Numbers

Tickets $20 Adult, $17 Conc/RiAus Member, $15 Fringe Benefits Rated PG 15+ Do you miss Letters and Numbers on SBS? We do too, but there's hope! Late Night Letter and Numbers! It's everything Letters and Numbers was, but with more interaction and drinking! Guided by your incredibly under-qualified host Nick Caddaye and ... Continue Reading »

The Free Beer Show

Tickets $17 Adult, $15 Conc/RiAus Member, $13 Fringe Benefits Rated 18+ From the beerarific brains behind The Other Side of Science comes an exploration into everyone’s favourite beverage - beer! The Free Beer Show unveils the secrets of beer that you never knew existed. Host Noby Leong takes you ... Continue Reading »

Fringe Opening Night Party!

This event will be free but is recommended for those aged 18 years and older. Kick off Adelaide Fringe season at the parade after-party. Sci-comedy, music and a bit of razzle dazzle at the RiAus bar. Come along to the parade after-party at the RiAus bar! Sci-comedy, music and a bit of ... Continue Reading »

Mindfulness: finding calm in the chaos

We live in a world filled with material wealth, live longer and healthier lives, and yet anxiety, stress, unhappiness, and depression have never been more common. Mindfulness techniques, combining modern science with ancient wisdom, are now an area of active psychological and neurobiological research, showing promising clinical relevance in treatment of ... Continue Reading »

ECR Network December – Work-Life Balance

Adelaide’s unique early career researcher (ECR) network is returning for the final professional development and networking event of 2013 event with one of the most often requested topics for ECR Network - how to manage a work-life balance in research. ECR Network events provide a unique professional development and networking ... Continue Reading »

Science Behind the Headlines: Holiday Blues

Click here to see the rest of our Science Behind the Headlines events. Mental health is a topic which is fast being recognised as one of the major public health issues in Australia, and gains special attention around the Christmas and New Year period. According to beyondblue, ... Continue Reading »

Big questions, Big facilities: behind the discovery of mass

In July 2012, experiments at the Large Hadron Collider announced the discovery of a new subatomic particle. Is this the evidence for the elusive Higgs boson? Professor Elisabetta Barberio discussed this important discovery for the Claire Corani Memorial Lecture as part of the AIP Women in Physics lecture tour. ... Continue Reading »

Book Club: Ian Frazer: The man who saved a million lives

Our book selection for this month is Ian Frazer: The man who saved a million lives written by award-winning journalist, Madonna King. Following on from his delivery of the 2013 Science Inspiration event, we’ll explore the extraordinary life of one of Australia’s most celebrated scientists. A percentage of the proceeds ... Continue Reading »

2013 Science Inspiration: Professor Ian Frazer

He’s been described as the man who saved a million lives; Professor Ian Frazer is a true Science Inspiration. Ian is not only a celebrated Australian scientist, but is also internationally renowned for co-creating the technology for cervical cancer vaccines (HPV) and is a distinguished RiAus Bragg Member. With ... Continue Reading »

SALA Festival Exhibition 2013 – Think it. Make it. Share it.

Our SALA exhibition for 2013 is a collection of beautiful and inventive digitally fabricated works including 3D printed objects from the Fab Lab Adelaide. Fab Lab Adelaide is a community inventors’ workshop offering digital fabrication on a personal scale, in which new products and creative works can be made. The lab ... Continue Reading »

Dr Phil Plait presents – Death From The Skies!

Please note this session is designed for school students and an alternative event is being held for all ages at another time. For more information please visit Science in the Pub with The Bad Astronomer! Asteroid impacts! Cometary debris! Extinction level events! These are the topics covered in this science ... Continue Reading »

Book Club: Makers

Our book club selection for July is Makers by Cory Doctorow. Perry and Lester are makers. They invent things—from seashell robots that make toast and Boogie Woogie Elmo dolls that drive cars to entirely new economic systems. Together, they transform the country, and Andrea Fleeks, a journo-turned-blogger, is there to document ... Continue Reading »

Climate: the critical decade

Climate: the critical decade Where do we turn for accurate information on climate science? In a media landscape awash with information, how can people access scientific evidence in a way that’s useful and easy to understand?  More importantly, does access to this information change their behaviour? The Climate Commission was established ... Continue Reading »

Alchemy in a glass

Do you love wine? Do you know why? Join us for a night of sensory indulgence and learn about one of life's great pleasures. Meet renowned winemakers, find out how wines are judged and how ‘taste’ works. You'll try six wine varieties, and learn about the processes and art that ... Continue Reading »

PDplus: Driven to Distraction: Understanding the Impact

A free event, providing Professional Development, resources and notes for South Australian teachers. RiAus at the Science Exchange, 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide Stream the event live at from 5:00 PM (ACST) The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) in conjunction with RiAus will be joined by acclaimed road safety experts in a ... Continue Reading »

Book Club: Flower Hunters

From the Douglas-fir and the monkey puzzle tree, to exotic orchids and azaleas, many of the plants that are now so familiar to us were found in distant regions of the globe, often in wild and unexplored country, in impenetrable jungle, and in the face of hunger, disease, and hostile ... Continue Reading »

Lost In Translation: Evidence-based healthcare

Could changing the timing of a baby's first bath save its life?  Is it better for your health to have a private or shared hospital room? Research is constantly discovering better health care solutions, but is often not adopted into best practice and policy. Somewhere these answers are lost in translation. ... Continue Reading »

Communicating Science to the Public

Communicating science to the public is increasingly seen as an important skill and experience for scientists, however many feel trepidation when faced with it. How do you take your research or field of knowledge and make it understandable for the general public or an audience who don’t have background knowledge ... Continue Reading »

Vaccination Café

Get your 2013 flu vaccination for just $10 at the first RiAus Vaccination Café. Grab a free coffee or tea and chat with roving scientists to find out more about vaccinations and how the body fights illness and disease. SOLD OUT - DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND - APOLOGIES TO ... Continue Reading »

The Science Exchange: Historic Tour

We may be new, but there is more history than you know behind the Science Exchange! Before becoming the home of RiAus, it had an exciting history as the Adelaide Stock Exchange. Step back in time and imagine what it must have been like, from the frantic trading floor to ... Continue Reading »

Fringe Opening Night – Light Bulb Moment

RiAus celebrated Fringe opening night with style. The Science Exchange bar was full of fun and frivolity with live music, performance sneak peeks and a great atmosphere. RiAus staff and volunteers joined the  Fringe Parade with the group’s theme, ‘illumination’ highlighting the current art exhibition at The Science Exchange. Program for ... Continue Reading »

Inspiring Australia Forum

Stakeholders in the science engagement community in South Australia were invited to attend an update on the Inspiring Australia Strategy, to hear about some of the science engagement activities happening in South Australia and to hear about the strategies’ progress at a national level. It was an opportunity to meet Anna-Maria ... Continue Reading »

Book Club: Star-Craving Mad with Fred Watson

Journey through time and space with Australia's best known astronomer, Professor Fred Watson. He knows all about the madness that drives people to understand the Universe and unlock its secrets. At a special RiAus Book Club event, Fred Watson took us on a unique tour to unravel the ... Continue Reading »

Media and Communication Workshop

The presentation of science in the media is not just the responsibility of the reporting journalist. Scientists too can help in the crafting and delivery of high quality science media and by remaining involved they will help ensure that they no longer find their work misquoted, or worse blown out ... Continue Reading »

Illuminations by Andrew Baird

Illuminations comprises an ongoing collection of portraits of scientists, each highlighting the work of that individual as a part of the greater project of science. We live in a society deeply indebted to the work of scientists, yet their presence in the public consciousness is mostly eclipsed by sports ... Continue Reading »

James Colley vs His Own Stupid Brain

James Colley isn't your typical science nerd. More at home in a hoodie than a lab coat, James's show melded a long background in stand-up comedy with a lifelong love of science to create a unique show that had you laughing and perhaps, even accidentally learning. It was ... Continue Reading »

Peer Revue

A smorgasbord of factual funniness - with a few surprises thrown in. Australia's finest thinking comedians have joined forces! Simon Pampena rocked you with the power of maths, Nicholas JJohnson detailed the science of scams and Ben McKenzie helped you cope with our vast cosmos. "Who would have thought science and ... Continue Reading »


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