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Discover the wonders of science In Class with Brian Cox in an exclusive livestream with RiAus
On 14 October a bona fide superstar of science, Prof Brian Cox, took some time out before his Making Sense of the Cosmos Australian tour to answer students’ burning questions.

What are black holes? How the human brain is linked to the cosmos? Will we ever travel faster than the speed of light? Prof Cox took on some amazing questions in the session.

Supported by Lateral Events.

About Brian Cox

Brian Cox OBE is the UK’s, and perhaps the world’s, foremost communicator of all things scientific. His television programs are ground breaking – Cox has the innate ability to make highly complex matters enormously entertaining and easy to contemplate. He is also a former rock star from the hit band D:Ream, which scored a UK number 1 hit in 1994 with the song ‘Things Can Only Get Better‘.

Brian is the “real deal” – a British particle physicist, a Royal Society University Research fellow. He works on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Switzerland and is a Professor at the University of Manchester. Best known to audiences as the presenter of a number of science programs for the BBC, boosting the popularity of subjects such as astronomy and physics. Find out more about Brian Cox at his official website.


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