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Death “o” meter: the risks of being alive and the maths of death

Death “o” meter: the risks of being alive and the maths of death

Can anyone live without numbers? Starting from conception we are a product of probabilities. Each of us is the lucky one out of millions of sperm that raced for life. And after that moment of fecundation, everything in your life depends on numbers. On the other hand, I don’t think Death uses numbers; probably because death itself cannot die, as is the nature of the eternal. I would conclude that life is subject to numbers because it is limited; death surpasses numbering. There is no need to be a mathematician to understand this; however, getting deeper into the concept of numbers could be as scary as death.

Even when numbers appear to reflect intelligence, people often twist their meaning to back up the most irrelevant or improbable facts, or just to say stupid things! But the challenge is to go from numbers to words, and even further, to laughter. How can you give liveliness and meaning to terms such as “magnitude”, “paradox”, “risk”, “curve”, “relative probabilities”, etc.? The good news is you don’t need to have a mathematician’s brain to understand the everyday, funny, dangerous and very real ways you could die. Both metaphoric and optimistic, the comedy show “Your days are numbered” reveals the odds of various causes of death, without making you worried about dying at all! Don’t stress about your knowledge of the world, just guess, do some probability calculations, and enjoy!

No matter the numbers, risks or probabilities, death will be waiting anyway. So, enjoy every second of your path to death. Performers Matt and Timandra say you have a 0.000043% risk of during the show. I’d say there is a 99% chance that you’ll spend it laughing!

By Lina Marcela Landinez Gomez 

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