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A Week In Science – 28 June 2013

Media coverage of this week’s stories

Why shoulders are one of the most important evolutionary wins: study – Article from The New Zealand Herald

New migraine genes discovery could fuel future research – Article from CBS News

Panoramic snapshots help ants find home – Article from ABC Science online

Plants Do Maths to Ensure Food Supply Through the Night: Study – Article from Science World Report

Poor maths skills factor in sub-prime mortgage crisis, says study – Article from The Australian

Social networks for monkeys – Article to come

Academic papers featured

Canty, A. et al., In vivo single neuron axotomy triggers axon regeneration to restore synaptic density in specific cortical circuits, Nature Communications; 4:2038; 2013

Roach, N. et al., Elastic energy storage in the shoulder and the evolution of high-speed throwing in Homo, Nature; vol. 498; 2013

Anttila, V. et al., Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies new susceptibility loci for migraine, Nature Genetics; vol 42, p 869–873; 2013

Narendra, A., Gourmaud, S. and Zeil, J. Mapping the navigational knowledge of individually foraging ants, J Proc. R. Soc.; vol. 280 no.1765; 2013

Scialdone, A. et al., Arabidopsis plants perform arithmetic division to prevent starvation at night , eLife; 2013

Gerardi, K., Goette, L. and Meier, S. Numerical ability predicts mortgage default, PNAS; 2013

Claidie, al., Diffusion Dynamics of Socially Learned Foraging Techniques in Squirrel Monkeys, Current Biology; 2013

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One thought on “A Week In Science – 28 June 2013

  1. Communications. Discussions. No damaged nerves.

    Numerical ability is coming from the past, but improvements could be possible in now-days.

    Social media can be dangerous for unknown old monkeys.


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