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A Week In Science – 23 August 2013

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Media coverage of this week’s stories

Stars sing a song in light – Article from

Wolf howling is due to relationships, not stress – Article to come

Pulp non-fiction: What holds paper together – Article to come

Link between flu jabs and heart attack risk – Article from The Conversation

Cost of sea level rise set to deepen – Article from Vancouver Sun

Sight over sound in the judgement of music performance – Article from BBC

Academic papers featured

Bastien FA et al., An observational correlation between stellar brightness variations and surface gravity , Nature; 500; 2013

Mazzini F et al., Wolf Howling Is Mediated by Relationship Quality Rather Than Underlying Emotional Stress, Current Biology; 23, 1-4; 2013

Schmied F et al., What holds paper together: Nanometre scale exploration of bonding between paper fibres, Scientific Reports; 3, 2432; 2013

MacIntyre CR et al., Ischaemic heart disease, influenza and influenza vaccination: a prospective case control study, Heart; 2013

Hallegate S et al., Future flood losses in major coastal cities , Nature Climate Change; 2013

Tsay CJ et al., Sight over sound in the judgment of music performance , PNAS; 2013

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