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A Week In Science – 21 June 2013

Media coverage of this week’s stories

Petabyte storage on its way – Article from Swinburne University

Improving the safety of stem cell therapy – Article to come

Images of home make it harder to speak in a second language – Article from Wired

Baby weight and head size linked with IQ at school age – Article from Herald Sun

“Environmentally safe” levels of pesticides in waterways still affect life – Article from ABC Science

Holographic TVs may be one step closer – Article from Sydney Morning Herald

How applause spreads through a group – Article from Science

Academic papers featured

Gan, Z et al., Three-dimensional deep sub-diffraction optical beam lithography with 9 nm feature size, Nature Communications, 2013

Ben-David, U et al., Immunologic and chemical targeting of the tight-junction protein Claudin-6 eliminates tumorigenic human pluripotent stem cells, Nature Communications, 2013

Zhang, S et al., Heritage-culture images disrupt immigrants’ second-language processing through triggering first-language interference, PNAS, 2013

Smithers, L et al., Impact of Neonatal Growth on IQ and Behavior at Early School Age, Pediatrics, 2013

Beketov, M et al., Pesticides reduce regional biodiversity of stream invertebrates, PNAS, 2013

Smalley, D et al., Anisotropic leaky-mode modulator for holographic video displays, Nature, 498: 313–317, 2013

Mann, R et al., The dynamics of audience applause, J R Soc Interface, 10:85, 2013

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