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A Week In Science – 15 February 2013


Asteroid DA14 gives Earth a close shave Article from

Rehabilitated mining sites may not be attracting the return of wildlife Article from

Antibiotics used in farming may be promoting growth of drug-resistant superbugs More information on ABC Online

Manuka honey has an antibiotic effect without developing resistant bacteria Article from ABC Science Online

Taking folic acid during pregnancy reduces risk of autism Article from AdelaideNow

Virus is effective in killing liver cancer cells Article from Cancer Research UK

Farts on a plane! Article from

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2 thoughts on “A Week In Science – 15 February 2013

  1. Re: Asteroid DA14 gives Earth a close shave Article from

    Is it heading toward Earth in the same direction Earth is orbiting, and the direction Earth is spinning?
    Relative to me/us, how fast will it pass?


  2. According to the NASA simulation I have it is tracking from south to north, obviously the spin of the Earth makes it appear to be heading west as well, but the track is south to north.

    The point where the asteroid will be at its closest is over the eastern Indian Ocean, off Sumatra — approx. latitude 6 deg South, longitude: 97.5 deg East.

    NASA are tracking its speed relatively to Earth at approximately 28,000 km/h, or nearly 8km per second.


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