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A Week In Science – 10 May 2013

Media coverage of this week’s stories

Brain Scans can identify psychopaths even in childhood Article from Daily Mail UK

Climate change killed off megafauna Article from The Australian

No, really- Don’t shop when you’re hungry Article from Reuters Health

DNA reveals that most Europeans are closely related Article from Business Insider

Eco-friendly way for iron ore unveiled Article from MSN NZ News

Brain’s laughter response studied Article from Belfast Telegraph

What You Do Is Who You Are Article from National Geographic

Academic papers featured

Wildgruber D et al. 2013, Different Types of Laughter Modulate Connectivity within Distinct Parts of the Laughter Perception Network, PLoS ONE 8(5)

Lockwood et al. 2013, Association of Callous Traits with Reduced Neural Response to Others’ Pain in Children with Conduct Problems, Current Biology

Wroe S et al. 2013, Climate change frames debate over the extinction of megafauna in Sahul (Pleistocene Australia-New Guinea), PNAS

Ralph P, Coop G 2013, The Geography of Recent Genetic Ancestry across Europe, PLoS Biol 11(5)

Parboosing et al. 2013, Gestational Influenza and Bipolar Disorder in Adult Offspring, JAMA Psychiatry 70(5):1-8

Allanore, Yin & Sadoway 2013, A new anode material for oxygen evolution in molten oxide electrolysis, Nature

Wansink & Tal 2013, Fattening Fasting: Hungry Grocery Shoppers Buy More Calories, Not More Food, JAMA Internal Medicine

Freund et al. 2013, Emergence of Individuality in Genetically Identical Mice, Science vol 340

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One thought on “A Week In Science – 10 May 2013

  1. Fattening Fasting
    I always look at all the bread and buy too much if Im hungry. And don’t those ‘on special’cakes look tempting. I try to eat something prior. Online shopping is better cos you can review it after dinner and delete things before sending order. Also less visual cues and stimulous online.

    Children with CD
    The brain is a wonderous organ. If not stimulated and nurtured, it may affect the brain development and responsivness. Too much negative stimulation also may cause aggression or just a love of the macabre (Dexster)
    The mother (actor) in “We must talk about Kevin” appeared rather flat and gloomy – maybe in response to her sons behaviour – (having not read the book or seen the movie.)
    Its all very interresting but parents and health professionals need to continue to stimulate childrens positive senses.

    As an end joke – “if the participant’s head spins – call the priest”


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