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The Observer effect

The Observer effect
Event Information:
Date: Starts on Monday 5 September 2016 & ends Friday 4 November 2016.
Location: FutureSpace Gallery (The Science Exchange Adelaide SA)

Viewing the world through the lens of quantum physics enables an alternate look to the reality around us. A glimpse down the rabbit hole to a world which doesn’t act quite like we might like it to. The possibilities open to interpretation for an artist are enormous.

For several years I have been researching the philosophy of quantum physics as a conceptual construct on which to base my sculptural practice. Gradually I refined my focus to the theories of Heisenberg, Schrodinger, and the Copenhagen Interpretation, otherwise known as the Observer effect. Simply stated the Observer effect postulates that the observer, whether it be a human, animal or a mechanical detector is necessary to affect the occurrence of the reality before them. Does this mean that we are co-creators of the world around us? In the current exhibition the artist explores this possibility.

Lorry Wedding-Marchioro is currently completing her Masters in Fine Arts at Monash University, and holds a Masters of Visual Arts from the University of South Australia. Her research uses her sculptural practice to explore concepts from quantum physics and the deeper nature of reality. She has exhibited extensively within in Australia and Internationally and her work is widely collected.


See The Observer Effect at the FutureSpace Gallery at The Science Exchange from 5 September – 4 November 2016

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