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Stem Cell Stories

Stem Cell Stories
Event Information:
Date: Starts on Thursday 5 June 2014 & ends Friday 25 July 2014.
Location: FutureSpace Gallery (The Science Exchange Adelaide SA)

Stem Cell Stories celebrates the beauty in regenerative medicine research. The images include drawings, patient portraits and research images, which help patients communicate the difficulties they face dealing with disease, or assess the merits of emerging stem cell or regenerative medicine treatments.

A touring exhibition by Questacon, The National Science and Technology Centre and the Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research (ASSCR)

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2 thoughts on “Stem Cell Stories

  1. We recently attended a conference in Germany led by William Bengston whose successful research in cures for cancer and many other disease by ‘energy healing’ was rigorous, enlightening and astounding. I suspect that from a cosmological perspective that there is a fundamental connection between all the cutting edge medical discoveries that link at the quantum level. All in the theory of one. Am I just a fanciful lay-dreamer that is awed by Amit Goswami’s book ‘The Self-aware universe’?
    He and others have convened the World Congress of Quantum medicine’ in Hawaii in October this year. Could be useful for RiAus to suss it out.

    • Hello David first of all I understand if you don’t get this reply, and if I don’t find out if you have sent another it’s probably because I wouldn’t find it. I am sure if you asked RI they would give you my email anyway.
      But looking at the quantum mechanics of treatments for cancer at a cosmological point of view, it’s a great benefit for the patient in their well being. But I would like to ask did they talk of any transfer system to speed up the positive effects of energy treatments they use on the damage caused by the particular cancer they had success with ?
      Or time ranges on the current treatment for prolonged benefits before remission may set in.
      I am wondering why you attended such a conference as a lay person in health science or are these healing technics more so on the side of naturopathy rather than utilising specific light waves or radiation concentrated at the cancer cells ?


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