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Free Range Science

Beginning with a pilot program in 2009, Free Range Science operated for four years delivering science events across regional Victoria, sponsored by the Victorian Government.

The Free Range Science team visited over 50 Victorian communities across five regions, and engaged face-to-face with over 9,500 members of the community. Whilst the audience for this program mainly concentrated on adults, there were also family-friendly events that catered for everyone.

Popping up in places you least expect to find science – country shows, farmers markets, pubs, and at established cultural, community, film or music festivals, Free Range Science put locals in touch with the science and technology around everyone. The events brought practicing scientists out of the lab and into communities, enabling regional Victorians to see science in a different and fun way. The format of these events varied greatly, including panel discussions on topical issues, cooking demonstrations, performances and drop in interactive displays. All the activities encouraged audience participation, and an opportunity for local communities to talk to and question real scientists.

The Free Range Science program hopes to return to regional parts of Australia, and to continue bringing science to people and people to science.

Watch this space!


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