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STEM Career Packs


STEM Career Packs

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

One of our aims is to make students aware of careers in STEM and the importance of STEM in their everyday lives. We know that not every student will become a scientist or mathematician, and that is the way it ought to be, but we do want every student to be aware of the role that STEM plays in their everyday lives and how imperative it is that society’s STEM knowledge continues to grow. This awareness includes an understanding and appreciation of what makes science strong, namely, the scientific method, as well as an idea of what day to day work is entailed.

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All RiAus education resources are aimed at middle and secondary school teachers and we provide a range of products for teachers’ own development or to be taken directly into the classroom. Our STEM career resources fall into two categories:

  • STEM career Packs
  • STEM career videos

Click on the tabs above to find out more about these free resources and to watch, download and print.

Are you unfamiliar with ‘STEM’? Perhaps your students are? Watch this animation to find out more.

What is STEM?

STEM Career Packs

Teacher Resources

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STEM Career Packs are written and published by RiAus in partnership with DECD (Department for Education and Child Development)

STEM Career Videos

Below you’ll find a wide range of videos for students. Some are designed to inform students about STEM careers, others are aimed at breaking down the stereotypical view of scientists, engineers and mathematicians… showing them as people that students can identify with.

As we create more videos they’ll appear here so keep watching this space or sign up for our Education Newsletter to keep up to date.

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