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Science Behind the Headlines: Education Packs


Science Behind the Headlines: Education Packs

Science Behind the Headlines events take a look at topical science issues and how they are presented in the media. Panellists include scientists and journalists.

These same topical science issues and ensuing media coverage can be discussed in the classroom. See below for archived footage of the events, relevant articles and social media coverage, related Scinamations and classroom activities to help take these discussions into the classroom. These resources can be used in various ways: as preparation to tackle the topic with students or as resources to engage students, to make them question and to make them curious about science and how it is presented in the media.

This project is supported by the Inspiring Australia Initiative

Downloadable Resources

Click here for the Critical Literacy & The Media pack

Click here for the Reasoning Skills Checklist

Click here for the DECD “Teaching Ethical Behaviours” content


Bodies on the Line

Concussions, spinal injuries and internal bleeding, all injuries that stem from players continually put their bodies on the line. How serious are football code injuries and what prevention strategies are most supported by current research? Using recent media examples, our experts will look at safety equipment, risk taking behaviour and penalties to investigate how we can keep our players safe.

Click here for the ‘SBTH: Bodies on the Line’ Teacher Resource pack



Debunking the Detox

Want to shed those Christmas kilos?

Miracle pills, celebrity secrets, detox, raw foods, juice, soup, fasting…

Diet and health advice infiltrate our everyday lives, and we often get caught up in the latest miracle fads. We’ll look at dieting in the media and the sometimes blurred line between real lifestyle guidance and potentially harmful fad propaganda.

Click here for the ‘SBTH: Debunking the Detox’ Teacher Resource pack



Holiday Blues

With the help of mental health experts, psychiatrists and neuroscientists, we’ll delve into the science of mental health in Australia, find out just what it is, what causes it, and how sufferers can get help and how to support people who are struggling. We’ll also look at why the news media is increasingly paying attention to mental health issues, and how it’s portrayed in television and films.

Click here for the ‘SBTH: Holiday Blues’ Teacher Resource pack



Australia’s Innovation Future

Australia’s science and innovation is a vital part of the nation’s future, however is likely to be overshadowed in the current electioneering. In this special Science Behind the Headlines we’ll examine why science and innovation is one of the major critical issues facing Australia in the next 5 years, and what Australia needs to ensure we remain the ‘clever country’.

Click here for the ‘SBTH: Australia’s Innovation Future’ Teacher Resource pack



Your Genetic Profile

From Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy to increased insurance premiums – genetic profiling is a hot headline. The science is bounding forwards, and it’s becoming cheaper and more accessible. What does this mean for our health and our rights? Would you get your genome sequenced?

Click here for the ‘SBTH: Your Genetic Profile’ Teacher Resource pack


Drugs In Sport

Doping in sport has been revealed to be even more widespread than we thought, with cyclists and footballers just some of the major scandals. What are our athletes on and why are they doing it? Why do they risk detection? Why do we continue to idolise them despite these scandals?

Click here for the ‘SBTH: Drugs In Sport’ Teacher Resource pack


Marine Parks And ‘No-Take’ Zones

Just what is the science underpinning marine parks and are we being duped by the media into a false debate? Is the campaign opposing the ban to recreational fishing scientifically justifiable or just PR? Has the focus of the content switched from the science to politics and emotion?

Click here for the ‘SBTH: Marine Parks’ Teacher Resource pack



Australia’s Food Security

With a rising population can we continue to be so picky about where our food comes from? Why do we import apples from New Zealand but not potatoes? Who makes the decisions and what is the scientific basis for those decisions? Does the media help or hinder the message?

Click here for the ‘SBTH: Food Security’ Teacher Resource pack

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