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RiAus Library Packs

RiAus science activity packs for libraries

In 2012, RiAus conducted a survey of South Australian libraries to discover how we could best support them to incorporate science themed activities into their programs. The responses indicated a desire for school holiday children’s/family hands-on activities. Following these results, we have worked on developing RiAus science activity packs for libraries to utilise in their programming.

You may find them useful:

  • During the school holidays as the foundation for an activity session,
  • During National Science Week, or
  • As a take home activity for library users

The packs are linked to books in the South Australian Premier’s Reading Challenge and a session might include a book reading and one or more of the suggested activities. They are targeted at families with children aged 3-8years.

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Downloadable Library Packs


The Environment and Nature

What grows in your garden? What insects, birds and animals make their home in the trees in your street or the nearby park?
Enjoy a nature scavenger hunt, learn about the difference between salt and fresh water, explore the nature in your own pack garden or neighbourhood.

Click here to download The Environment and Nature library pack! (3.6Mb)

BeActive sneakers

Be Active

Why do tightrope walkers carry a long pole? Did you know your heart is about the size of your fist? This pack is all about what happens to your body when you’re active, including discussions and activities about balance, heart rates and lung capacities. It contains three reading-time suggestions for ages 3-12 years, using books from The Premier’s Reading Challenge. Find out which is your dominant side, test your reaction times and learn about how reflexes protect you from harm.

Click here to download the Be Active library pack! (1.6Mb)

STS-135 Atlantis Prelaunch

Space Explorers

How do you brush your teeth in space? What are the rings of Saturn made from? This pack is all about humankind’s exploration of our solar system, and introduces concepts of forces such as gravity and air resistance.

There are two suggested reading times, and a range of ‘spacey’ discussion points and activities. Make a no-mess balloon rocket, colour-in your own astronaut and watch a real shuttle launch!

Click here to download the Space Explorers library pack! (4.5Mb)

Wombat, pub domain 250px(w) 250px(h)

Wombat Mania

Did you know wombats can run up to 40km/hr?! Yes, these ‘kegs on legs’ certainly pack a punch. This pack introduces concepts about animal behaviour, morphology and other environmental themes.

It includes two reading time suggestions supplemented with further ‘wombatty’ discussion and activities. Activities include colouring-in, a wombat quiz, wombat mask and great online videos.

Click here to download the Wombat Mania library pack! (1.5Mb)

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