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Future Innovators Series


Future Innovators Series

RiAus presents

Future Innovators Series

An initiative of the Chief Scientist of South Australia

What will the future hold for us?

As new tech disrupts many traditional industries, opportunities arise for people with the skills to innovate.

It’s likely that many of the jobs that today’s students will be competing for in ten years time do not even exist yet.

The RiAus Future Innovators series will shine a light on stories from amazing people who’ve made a difference to their industry. Whether astronauts exploring new tech in space, to local start up game developers, this series highlights how thinking outside the box and dreaming big have helped our speakers achieve their goals.

We’ll be looking at emerging trends and providing students the chance to interact with our Future Innovator speakers directly, via livestreamed events direct into the classroom, or local events in a region near you. If you miss a live event, you can still access videos from the events here

Check out our upcoming and past events.
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An initiative of the Chief Scientist of South Australia supported by the Department of State Development.


These events have are now finished. Click the link below to go to the event page to access exclusive video content and teacher resources.

Dr Andrew Thomas – May 2015

Colonel Chris Hadfield – August 2015

Digital Futures – October 2015


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