The Science Exchange, 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide SA 5000 [View map]

RiAus Art

RiAus recognises and embraces the synergies between science and the arts and creative industries.

With its in-house gallery space and state-of-the art auditorium, The Science Exchange is the ideal venue in which to bring together artists and scientists to share their creativity and fascination with interpreting the world and our place in it.

Our FutureSpace Gallery will program and showcase some of the best visual and multimedia art that Australia – indeed the world – has to offer. With a focus on those artists and scientists engaged in genuinely collaborative processes, RiAus will work with talented curators (both established and emerging). We will create real and virtual spaces that take science to new audiences and provide new contexts through which the public can explore science and its impacts on society.

Our public science programs link with all branches of the arts – from visual art, to literature, music, cinema, theatre and dance – aiming to take science into non-science contexts and to highlight the similarities between these areas.

Upcoming & Past Art Exhibitions


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