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Who we are

RiAus is Australia’s national science channel, promoting public awareness and understanding of science.

At RiAus we make science fun, inspiring and accessible for all Australians.

RiAus produces thought-provoking and entertaining events, broadcasts and publications as well as education and teacher support programs for people with little or no scientific background.

RiAus – discover the wonders of science.

Foundation support from the Government of South Australia, the Commonwealth Government and Santos has enabled us to carry on the tradition of the Royal Institution of Great Britain as an independent, not for profit organisation and to develop a powerful online presence that interacts with, and engages, a national and global audience.

Science and technology are central to many policy decisions at local, state and national levels. RiAus encourages the use of evidence-based science to inform these decisions and works to facilitate the interaction between policy-makers and scientists through formal and informal means such as open forums and exclusive briefings.

By sharing sound scientific knowledge with leaders in government and industry, RiAus seeks to promote more informed policy-making and to improve community confidence and ability in addressing science-related issues.


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