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RiAus is Australia’s unique national science hub, promoting public awareness and understanding of science. At RiAus we make science fun, inspiring and accessible for all Australians. We do this by producing online content, public events, and education and teacher support programs. RiAus helps people discover the wonders of science, inspiring a new generation to learn and appreciate the importance of science in their daily life.

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ECR Network: Understanding the political framework for research

Event Information:
When: Thursday 11 September 2014
Time: 12:30pm to 2:00pm - ACST
Location: RiAus (55 Exchange Place Adelaide SA)
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The ECR Network program specific for Adelaide professional research scientists returns in 2014. This year we’re opening the eligibility to include not only early career researchers, but also late-stage PhD students and mid-career researchers. This event will take in one of the important but sometimes overlooked parts of advancing a research ... Read More »

2014 Science Inspiration: Professor Tanya Monro

Event Information:
When: Multiple sessions on Wednesday 17 September 2014
Location: RiAus (55 Exchange Place Adelaide SA)
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Professor Tanya Monro is a literal ‘bright spark’ in Australian science, driving exciting research into photonics - the science of light. As a young teenager, Tanya thought her future would be in music, before being turned onto physics by a high school science teacher. As the 2014 Science Inspiration, Tanya ... Read More »

Mercury Rising: Extreme Bushfires

Event Information:
When: Multiple sessions on Tuesday 23 September 2014
Location:, RiAus (55 Exchange Place Adelaide SA)
Bushfires in Australia are a fact of life. In this unique event we examine bushfires and find out some of the extreme factors that go into making them so dangerous. From the weather conditions and its effect on fuel availability, to the extreme and unexpected ways fires move through an ... Read More »

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